Throwing down links to great finance brokers who can sort you with a great truck finance deal!

Best Finance Broker

Finance brokers are specialists in finance, so if you want to source the best deal for your truck finance, it just makes sense to consult with a broker who has experience and expertise in arranging truck finance.

Who should you contact and trust?

How can you assess the best finance broker for your deal?

Are can a broker do better for me than if I go direct to the finance company?

Plenty of very good questions and if you’ve never dealt with a finance broker before, chances are you’ll have a lot more as well.

Brokers have a wider range of options to source a truck loan for you.

While banks are limited to offering you a deal from the selection of products available through their particular banking company, brokers have associations with a multitude of lenders so they have access to most likely hundreds of finance and loan structures to select from.

So they can better match you up with a truck loan deal that suits your specific circumstances.

Brokers do all the work for you!

Let’s face it, none of us has a lot of spare time in our lives and most truck operators have less than most. You want to be on the road, earning an income rather than running around to different banks and finance companies, either in person or on the phone, asking a myriad of intrusive questions, waiting for people to call you back, chasing up…… no you don’t want to be doing that.

Your finance broker will do all that for you. They will acquire all the necessary information, usually over the phone, then they’ll sort through the offerings and present you with the best truck loan product to suit you and your truck.

When choosing a broker ask if they are independent of any particular finance companies. That way you know they will be working in your best interest and looking far afield for a good deal.

Ask how many banks and lenders they are accredited with and how many loan products they have access to. A good broker will have accreditation with probably 40 or so lenders and have access to over 350 loan products. That gives you the best chance of sourcing a great deal.